Website or YouTube Video on Panorama 

In this type of video you can play any video,  google map and run your company website on big screen. This type of media useful for augmented and virtual reality users.  


Multi Resolution GigaPixel Image

In this video, the actual size of that picture is 50 GB+ and it's size in Gigapixel is around 65.You can see small things very deeply in this picture.This type of media useful for professional photographers and media chanels.


360°  Video  

This is the video of 360 media. In this media audio is also supported. You can see this video by any side and any angel. This is the Gateway to new marketing platform.70% of marketers who have used 360 videos say it has increased engagement for them.Instead of writing blog posts, and creating infographics we’ll be creating interactive 360 videos.


360° Image [Panorama]  

This is the panorama 360 Media image. By using this you have possibilities for Unlimited viewers.Now Hundreds of different industries can use the unique media form of immersion. So you can say that this is the worthy of an investment. 


Tour in Panorama View with Controls  

This type of 360 media can feel you that you can easily travel to the world by sitting in your house. you can watch events like concerts and keynotes at your home. There are many facilities like, there are different types of layers and many of images.


360° Virtual Tour  

This type of 360 media is useful for different type of agency and tour organizer. In this there are different types of fa-fa button.You can show the various information by clicking them.