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Just drag & drop business features

Get all your business needs, out-of-the-box.

Make a website, then add features as you grow: jobs, eCommerce, customer portal, events, company blog, call-to-action, newsletter, etc.

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Your brand
Your website.

Get a website that automatically adjusts to fit your brand and style guidelines.

Branding is critical for business success. Arihant ERP provides you tools to easily achieve branding needs.


SEO tools

Easily review your performances & next activities.

Our Search Engine Optimization tool integrates with Google to analyze the relevancy of your content in real time. Get more visitors with a better targeted content.

Your website is optimized by default so you don't have to worry about technical 301 redirects, page speeds, google schemas, twitter cards, sitemaps, etc. 

Call To Action 

Easily review your performances & next activities.

Easily drag & drop call-to-actions to boost your conversion rates on every page: customize forms, add pop-ups on exits, fine tune newsletter subscriptions, etc.

Get an efficient lead nurturing with marketing automation and have everything integrated with your CRM.

Track Websites 

Easily review your performances & next activities.

Track visitors inside and outside your website. Measure the performance of your marketing campaign whether it's by email or through external websites or social media.

Track pages in just a click and get notified automatically in your CRM when your leads visits key pages. Launch live chat sessions to contact them in real time when they visit your website.

Email Marketing

Easily review your performances & next activities.

From email acquisition to mass mailing, get everything fully integrated. Get statistics on your mails, from the clicks to the revenue with a full integration between sale and accounting.

Forget about using third party apps. You don't need to import/export list of contacts, configure trackers between mails, website and orders, etc. It all works out-of-the-box.

Create your Professional website today with Drag & Drop editor

Unleash your growth potential

Extend your website with hundreds of Apps










Fully Integrated with other Apps



Prioritize your emails by sales pipeline, with context and analytics.


Segment your website visitors and increase conversions through live chat.


Make sales calls effective with single click dialing, prompt reminders and call analytics.

Marketing Campaign

Design your marketing campaign based on different criterias. Schedule Email, manage newsletter and generate leads from your campaign.