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Qualitative employee outlining.

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Arihant HRMS makes it easier to hold employee or staff in an organization more accountable to standard operating procedures. Arihant HRMS Employee Checklist enables companies to manage the employee certificates.

Arihant ERP

Entry Checklist

The entry checklist option is used to track the progress of employee certificate and its verification at the time of new employee hiring.

Exit Checklist

The exit checklist option is used to track the progress of the employee certificates at the time of their resignation.

Arihant ERP
Arihant ERP

Kanban View

Tracking of both entry checklist and exit checklist made easy with the Kanban view of Open HRMS Employee Checklist.

Leave Approval

Set clear objectives, assign challenging goals, and provide rewards and feedbacks for the employees. Display the top performances and give recognition for accomplishments

Arihant ERP
Arihant ERP

Percent Pie Data Of Checklist

View each and every employee separately from percent pie data of checklist.

Tree View

Tree view which is available on the employee tab enables the user to analyze the entry check. Details like work phone, work mail, job position, entry progress etc. are made available here.

Arihant ERP
Arihant ERP

Individual Employee View

Attach various documents such as salary certificates, educational certificates, experience certificates, gratuity certificates etc. to each employee in the individual employee view.

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Your all-in-one ERP solution up and running in very secured environment of Amazon AWS. Deploy and scale your ERP solution as per your needs and usage.

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