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With Arihant HRMS employee database management software, users can easily track the Leaves, Attendances, Timesheets, Appraisals, Expenses and more from employee master form. Keep the log of employee lifecycle with this employee database management system.

Arihant ERP

Employee Master

Store the personal information, job details, system access permission contact info; attach contract, timesheet and leave details in employee master.

HR Documents

Efficiently store and manage employee documents like certificates, passport, license, bond documents etc digitally. Get notified when such documents expire or reach its limit.

Arihant ERP
Arihant ERP

Track The Employee Faster.

Add new employees in simple steps, Update or Modify details easily, filter and track the employee faster; Arihant HRM’s employee master is designed for simplifying things for you.

Employee Lifecycle

Keep the log of employee work history in your company for better understanding and analysis of employee performance. From hiring to retiring, different roles and responsibilities an employee has taken, appraisals he/she underwent, and other stages of employment, keep everything systematically and easily accessible.

Arihant ERP

Cloud Solutions

Your all-in-one ERP solution up and running in very secured environment of Amazon AWS. Deploy and scale your ERP solution as per your needs and usage.

Arihant ERP

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