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You can create an organization employee hierarchy and control data/information flow inside the system. You can restrict or give access to assigned users based on job title/ role, circulate information via reminders, emails and get responses through the proper channel.

Arihant ERP

Roles And Access Levels

Create different departments, assign managers and different users to replicate your organization structure. View the organization at glance from department tree and employee tree. Restrict/Provide access rights; like restrict HR manager from accessing accounts data, allow the normal employees to view his leave and attendance.


Streamline the Bidirectional communication through Reminders, HR announces and alerts. Use the mass mailing option and communicate with a group of people.

Arihant ERP
Arihant ERP

Branch Transfer

Manage the human capital in different branches of your company from a single point without interfering with one another. Transfer employees between branches, modify work contracts, separate HR data from different branches and more.


Manage the Lawsuits pertaining to employees separately and systematically. Don't let those things mess up the daily proceedings.

Arihant ERP
Arihant ERP


Receive the resignation form and initiate the resignation process through proper channel. An Employee can send the resignation form to the respective administrator and the admin can take appropriate action.

Company Asset Handling

Safeguard the company assets with systematic distribution and proper tracking mechanism. Provide company assets to employees, track the status of the asset and sent email notification if the employee is holding the asset beyond a limit.

Arihant ERP
Arihant ERP

Workshift Management

Create various shifts according to your working hours, schedule the shift, sent advance notification to the employee and get employee feedback on their duty timings.


Your all-in-one ERP solution up and running in very secured environment of Amazon AWS. Deploy and scale your ERP solution as per your needs and usage.

Arihant ERP

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