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Arihant HRMS Payroll streamlines your entire payroll management process, It highly reduces payroll processing time with its advanced payslip generation methods based on the timesheet, salary rules, and salary structures.

Arihant ERP

Employee Contract

Create and configure contract for each employee, set the contract duration, salary advantages, work permit etc. and get notified when the contract expires. Easily modify the contracts whenever it is necessary.

Salary Rule And Salary Structure

Use the salary rules to calculate salary components like DA, HRA, Gross etc. Create different salary structures for the employee using salary rules.

Arihant ERP
Arihant ERP

Allowances, PF, And Other Benefits

Use salary rules and configure any type of employee benefits in salary structure. Tax, PF, extra vouchers, deductions so on. Anything can be created and configured in simple.

Timesheet Integration

Create timesheet based contracts, salary rules, salary structure and calculate salary based on timesheet submitted by each employee.

Arihant ERP
Arihant ERP

Payslip Batches

Forget the overheads in individual payslip generation, use the batch generation option and generate the payslips of all employees falls in the same salary structure.

Cloud Solutions

Your all-in-one ERP solution up and running in very secured environment of Amazon AWS. Deploy and scale your ERP solution as per your needs and usage.

Arihant ERP

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