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List your openings, define the recruitment stages, track the applicants, and place the most suitable resource faster than ever. Review the recruitment process from time to time with the help of HR reports and improvise the selection strategies.

Arihant ERP

List Your Openings

Create new openings, list the skill set, number of openings, dates and other recruitment info in simple steps.

Define The Recruitment Stages

Create custom recruitment pipeline with different stages like prequalification, skill test, interview etc. track the entire pipeline and improvise the strategy.

Arihant ERP
Arihant ERP

Surveys And Questionnaires

Design surveys, questionnaires, or skill tests using the survey designer, store each employee response and assess the quality of the applicant.

Track And Manage Applicant

Get the applications and move all the related documents like resumes, motivation letter etc. to a single place. Index resumes, search profiles, track applicants from the Kanban view.

Arihant ERP
Arihant ERP

Entry Checklist

Ensure the employee undergoes all the procedure and process before joining like, submission of a certificate or attending an induction meeting; automate and monitor the employee entry procedures


Receive the resignation form and initiate the resignation process through proper channel. The Employee can send the resignation form to the respective administrator and the admin can take appropriate action.

Arihant ERP

Cloud Solutions

Your all-in-one ERP solution up and running in very secured environment of Amazon AWS. Deploy and scale your ERP solution as per your needs and usage.

Arihant ERP

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