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HR Reminder is a supporting app that comes under the Arihant HRMS suite. This app helps to memorize all the necessary and important dates in an HR domain. Through this module, we can set a reminder for any area of HR management such as recruitments, leaves, insurances etc.

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Set A Reminder

To set a reminder we have to choose the HR domain such as leaves, recruitment, etc. The date field in the domain should be notified to set the reminder. Select the mode of searching as Today, Within a period or a Fixed date. Set the ‘Reminder before’ (Number of days) field to get a notification before the number of days that is set. Set the ‘Reminder Expiry’ field to set the reminder expiration date, otherwise, it will expire once the end date or set date is over.

Search Options

HR Reminder offers three different modes of searching the dates- Today, Within a period or a Fixed date. ’Today’ option compares to the current date. ’Set date’ option compares to the given date. In ’Set Period’ option the reminder is set within the period/time frame(Start date - End date).

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