Hospital Management ERP Solutions

Hospital Management Solution features not only seamlessly encompasses different departments of your hospitals, wards, beds, and ICUs but also maintains patient information including doctors and their appointments, treatment received and prescribed medication.

Key Features of Hospital Management ERP

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Suitable for Multi-speciality hospitals, Nursing homes or Care centers. Manage basic information like number of buildings, wards, beds and their availability status.

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Manage inpatient hospitalisation, wards and beds reservations, add therapeutic diets beliefs, nursing plans and discharge plans. Automatically raise payment notification at the time of discharge.

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Hospital Management Addons are tightly integrated with Arihant ERP's official accounting package. Generate invoices for prescriptions, laboratory tests, inpatient admissions and physician’s consultancy services.

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Introducing “Nurse” user type to manage different administrative work of your care centers like Appointments, Walkins, Patient Call logs, Surgeries and many more.

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Record patient’s important medical histories once and always access them as a reference during managing Appointments and Walkins.

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Our Hospital management ERP allows you to manage and record all the inbound call logs information of different patients for future references.

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Input all the factors like living conditions, education level, family affection & drug addiction that influence the health of the individual, family and society.

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Configure all your lab test parameters once with their ranges to quickly generate your test result. Get 9 most widely used laboratory tests already preconfigured within the package.

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Intuitive way to prepare prescription report by listing medicines with the require dosage and frequency information for each. Automatically forward prescription info to in-house pharmacy and invoicing details to accounts department.

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Perform analysis of your health center with use of various intuitive reports like patient’s medicines and diseases history, prescription, lab testing result report and many more.

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Evaluate your patients on periodic basis and record their vital signs, mental status, symptoms, diagnosis details and other important information everything in one place.

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The module provides outpatient care management including diagnosis, consultation, procedures, vital signs and medicines stocks.

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Record complete details of walkin appointments for your patients with details of all the previous evaluations, lab tests, inpatient admissions and prescriptions info.

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Management of patient’s Genetic and Hereditary risks using over 4200 genes related to diseases (NCBI / Genecards).

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Easily scale and streamline your health center services by managing different operations of your Arihant Hospital Management Solution's intuitive controls.

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Your all-in-one ERP solution up and running in very secured environment of Amazon AWS. Deploy and scale your ERP solution as per your needs and usage.

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