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What is DMS Solution?

Arihant ERP

Arihant DMS is electronic Document Management System for Multi Users with State of the art Features and Security Protocols. Document Management Systems make things organized and categorized keeping it all very simple to deal with sensitive documents.

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Features of DMS Solution

Document Versioning

Store many versions of the same document, download or revert to a previous version.

Batch upload many documents with the same metadata

Clone a document’s metadata for speedier uploads and eliminate repetitive data entry. Documents can also downloaded from Cabinets when needed.

Advanced 3 Tier permissions system

There is a permission for practically every atomic operation performed by users.

Previews for many file formats

Arihant DMS provides image preview generation for many popular file formats.

Full text searching

Documents can be searched by their text content, their metadata or any other file attribute such as name, extension, etc.

Configurable document grouping

Automatic linking of documents based on metadata values or document properties.

Roles support

It is possible to create an unlimited amount of different roles not being restricted to the traditional admin, operator, guest paradigm.

Document Access Control List

Access Control List provides fine grained Security Controls over Document, Document Types, Document Tags | Users, User Groups.

Automatic OCR processing

The current language of the document is passed to the corresponding OCR engine to increase the text recognition rate. This is optional feature to be used as it is Resource Intensive

Document Event Log

Track All the activities performed by any User on any Document by Event Log on Documents.

Collaboration tools

Discuss documents, or comment on new versions of a document.

Office document format support

Arihant DMS can detect the presence of Libre Office on Cloud Hosted Versions and use it to support word processing files, spreadsheets and presentations.

Cloud Hosted + Docker Compatible

Entire DMS System can be managed from Cloud Servers making it completely paperless. For Enterprise level implementation we support Docker Installation.

User defined metadata fields

Metadata fields can have an initial value, which can be static or determined by a template code snippet provided by the user.

Previews for many file formats

Arihant DMS provides image preview generation for many popular file formats.

Types of Documents

The basic unit of data in DMS is the document type. A document type can be interpreted also as a document category, a document class, or a document template. Every other aspect of the system will rely or be tied to one or more document type. You can create one document type for each type or class of document you intend to upload into DMS.

Document types need to be created before documents can be uploaded. It is not possible to upload documents without assigning them a document type.

Document types usually mirror the type of physical, paper document they represent.

Example document types:

  • Letter

  • Invoice

  • Timesheet

  • Blueprint

Arihant ERP

Settings and attributes are applied to document types and documents will inherit those settings and attributes based on the document type they were assigned when uploaded into DMS. A document can only be of one type at a given moment, but if needed, the type of a document can be changed. Upon changing its type, the document will lose its previous settings and attributes, and will inherit the settings and attributes of its new type

Document of Sources

Document sources define places from which documents can be uploaded or gathered

Document sources supported are

Web - HTML forms with a Browse button that will open the file dialog when clicked to allow selection of files in the user’s computer to be uploaded as documents.

POP3 Email - Provide the email, server and credential of a POP3 based email to be scanned periodically for email. The body of the email is uploaded as a document and the attachments of the email are uploaded as separate documents.

IMAP Email - Same as the POP3 email source but for email accounts using the IMAP protocol.

Watch folder - A filesystem folder that is scanned periodically for files. Any file in the watch folder is automatically uploaded.

Staging Folder - Folder where networked attached scanned can save image files. The files in these staging folders are scanned and a preview is generated to help the process of upload. Staging folders and Watch folders work in a similar way with the main difference being that Staging folders are interactive while Watch folders are automatic; documents in a Watch folder are uploaded periodically and documents in a Staging folder remain indefinitely there until an user uploads them. A preview for files in a Staging folder is also provided. An example of Staging folder use is when multiple people are scanning documents but only one person must be allowed to upload those documents. This one person examines the scans quality and decides what to upload and what to reject and have re-scanned. Watch folders can be used when the quality of the scans is irrelevant or when they will be known to be of good quality, such as when receiving e-faxes as PDFs

Document source can be configure to allow document bundles to uploaded as compressed files which are decompressed and their content uploaded as separate documents. This feature is useful when migrating from another document manager system.

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