Etsy - Arihant ERP Bridge

Connect your Arihant ERP store with Etsy marketplace.

This module provides interface for manage product, category, order, partner in between Etsy and Arihant ERP. This module also manages the mapping of records to avoid duplicacy in Arihant ERP.

All data at a glance

The Dashboard provides a single space for viewing your all channel's data at a glance, thus making it easy for you to expeditiously track your sales and data imports!

Arihant AI (Software) • Text and Image
Arihant AI (Software) • Image and Text

Say No To Manual Entry

No need to enter data manually in Arihant ERP. Simply Import/Update data using CSV file or data like Sale orders, products, Categories, Customers/Partners, and shipping methods from various channels connected to Arihant ERP through our connector.

Order Management

Orders made at Website/Marketplace can be easily imported to Arihant ERP. User is facilitated with an option to Import Sales orders coming from different channels connected to Arihant ERP and thus allows him to keep track of orders placed at multiple Platforms/Marketplaces. Processing payment and shipping sales orders is also easy as it was never before.

Arihant AI (Software) • Text and Image
Arihant AI (Software) • Image and Text

Inventory Management

Users can instantly sync the product whenever any order is synced to Arihant ERP and can synchronize the inventory quantities across the sales channel in near real-time. Updation of product quantity at Arihant ERP end will get reflected in Real-time on the desired E-Commerce Platform/ Marketplace.

Category Management

All the products at your E-commerce Sites or Marketplaces are just one click away to get imported to Arihant ERP and thus can be managed efficiently. Categorize your Products for better search and thus to save time by Importing the categories to Arihant ERP on just a single click!

Arihant AI (Software) • Text and Image
Arihant AI (Software) • Image and Text

Customer Management

Keep track and information of all your customers/Partners by Importing them to Arihant ERPand If any information is updated of any customer/vendor then all you need to do is update them in order to reflect the update on the other end.

Shipping Management

Use our connector to Ship orders from all channels easily and to effectively Avoid Shipping delays. Arihant ERP multi-channel connector provides fully integrated shipping functionality which allows the user to sync all the shipping methods from multiple channels connected to Arihant ERP with our connector.

Arihant AI (Software) • Text and Image