LinkedIn Automation.
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LinkedIn Automation.
Arihant AI, Gatsby
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Linkedin Automation | Marketing Campaign | CRM


CRM, Marketing Automation, ERP


February, 2021


  • 75% of recruiters said they were more successful with LinkedIn Recruiter to find the right people, fast.
  • Sales Experts & Recruiters nowadays use LinkedIn as daily tool for lead generation and recruitment.
  • The development challenge was to satisfy our potential customer’s needs for both centralised and decentralised deployment on the cloud, with assured implementation from their account.
  • Challenge was to come up with a solution where each business process can seamlessly integrate, providing efficient and smooth integration for external apps on limited basis.
  • Arihant Ai’s development team decided to personalise each client’s experience with a scalable solution.


  • As a result, our team accelerated LinkedIn Automation growth and integration with our ERP solutions.
  • In reality, we built a solution for recruiters, sales specialists, marketing managers, and small businesses.
  • On the higher end, we can tailor the whole experience to suit every imaginable business process.
  • For e.g. We can schedule Marketing Campaigns, planning in advance and share Marketing documents, messages, personalized greetings, Auto Followups for Marketing Team.
  • We can automate sending Proposal/Sales Order/Pro-forma Invoices to the prospect’s LinkedIn account from their own account, along with other information, for the Sales Team.
  • We used our ERP’s Employee Management to automate Recuitment Updates posting on LinkedIn for the HR Team.


We provide seamless LinkedIn Integration with our customized Business ERP solutions. For more information,
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