WhatsApp Automation
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WhatsApp Automation
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WhatsApp Business Automation & Planning


ERP, Business Solutions, WhatsApp


January, 2021


  • In early 2020, WhatsApp hit 2 billion users, up from 1.5 billion users in Q4 2017.
  • Company professionals now use WhatsApp for structured communication such as exchanging business sales and procurement papers, recruitment offer letters and CVs, inventory alerts, payslips, tasks, and much more…
  • The development challenge was to satisfy our customer’s needs for both centralised and decentralised deployment on the cloud, with assured implementation from the owner’s number rather than some random number.
  • The rapidly growing community of active members surged demand for such a solution where organization can focus on solving their business problems by clearly establishing their business policies with automation; having option of manual intervention in any process.
  • The development team at Arihant Ai wanted to personalize experience for each client with scalable solution.


  • As a result, our team paced up development work for WhatsApp Automation and integration with our ERP solutions.
  • As a matter of the fact, we developed solution for Manufacturing, Trading, Sales, Purchase, Inventory Manager, HR & Recruiters, Employees, Marketing & Lead Generation.
  • At the higher end, we can customize the whole experience to connect with any of apparent business process.
  • For e.g. We can schedule Marketing Campaigns, planning in advance and share Marketing documents, messages, personalized greetings, Auto Followups for Marketing Team.
  • For Sales Team, we can automate sending Proposal / Sales Order/ Pro-forma Invoices automatically to the prospect’s whatsapp from their own no. along with other details.
  • For Purchase Team, we automated tender (Purchase Agreement / Blanket Orders) process asking for suitable price from vendor and sharing relevant documents.
  • For Inventory Team, we automated Inventory Notifications for Delivery Orders, Receipts (Goods Receipt Notes), Internal Transfer to client, management & relevant authorised partied all at once. We can also send scheduled inventory report to the management.
  • For HR Team, we automated Recuitment Notificaitons, Payslips for employees.


We provide seamless WhatsApp Integration with our customized Business ERP solutions. For more information,
Contact us at sales@arihantai.com

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