IMCA Features

Office Automation & Practice Management Cloud ERP Solutions for Chartered Accountants & Company Secretaries

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Internal Chat with your Colleague

Audio Call with Internal Staff / Customer / Public User on your Portal

Share your Screen on Call like Zoom / Google Meet

Turn your Audio Call into Video Calls

General Features 

Audit Log

Comments & Activities

Data Export 

Data Import Column 

Search Data 


Customers / Vendors / Employee /Personal Contacts Management


Sales Bar Chart

Sales Calendar

Sales Form View 

Sales Kanban View

Sales Line Chart 

Sales List View

Sales Pie Chart

Sales Pivot View

Project & Task Management



Task Form View

Task Kanban View

Time Sheet

Time Sheets


Accounting Dashboard

Invoice Form View

Employee Management 

Employee Data

Employee HR Info


Attendance Check-In 

Attendance Pivot View

Leave Management

Time Off Dashboard 

Meetings & Appointments

Meeting Calendar for each user in Organization

Your Personal / Meeting Notes

Your Personal / Meeting Notes


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